The Goddess Hive

A collaborative sisterhood of womxn coming together to amplify each other’s magic, influence, and impact.

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What is the Goddess Hive?

The Goddess Hive is a sacred sisterhood for womxn to support each other on their journey to self-love and full soul expression. This is a FREE community hosted on Discord.

We created this space to help spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives grow a soul-aligned business, share their gifts with the world, and blossom into soulful leaders within a community. We are here to learn, grow, play, and create abundance together.

Whether serving through sacred business or other creative projects, our sisters desire to make an impact. We're a group of wild womxn, lightworkers, healers, priestesses, witches, way-showers, change agents, visionaries, mystics, oracles, teachers, and soul sisters ready to help each other rise.

who this is for

This is for conscious, heart-centered womxn who desire to live their soul truth and embody their higher selves. For those who know that in order to be the change, we have to claim our unique essence and step into our authentic power. That means learning to integrate the various aspects of ourselves, both light and dark, as an embodiment of the divine. For women who understand that together, we can accomplish incredible things, and are tired of going at it alone. This sisterhood is built on the values of:

  • Sovereignty, Self-Responsibility, and Interdependence
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Unity
  • Collaboration over Competition
  • Creating an Abundant Living by Doing What We Love
  • Love and Compassion for Ourselves and Each Other

This is for you if you are open-minded, kind, non-judgmental, and respectful of other people's differences.

why join

The purpose of this community is to help each other manifest our dreams. We are here to amplify each other’s magic, influence, and impact.

In this space you will experience:


a loving sisterhood that supports you on your soul journey by providing a safe space to be authentic, raw, and vulnerable.


opportunities to collaborate, make meaningful connections, share resources, and co-create wealth with like-minded womxn.


the chance to blossom as a soulful leader by participating in our regular masterminding sessions and member-led trainings -- giving you the opportunity to share and refine your gifts, as well as learn from others.


multiple opportunities to expand your horizons and create magic together through our monthly rituals, healing circles, energy work, masterclasses, and meditations.

Meet the Hostesses

Meet the Hostesses

Alegna Moss


Life & Soul Magic Coach, Tarot Reader

Alegna helps women create their dream life, with flow instead of hustle. She works with soulpreneurs, creatives, and leaders who want to live their soul truth and weave their unique magic. Through the right mix of intuition and inspired action, she teaches her clients to create abundance on their own terms. The women she works with are ready to give the world the full expression of their gifts.

To learn more about her work, visit her website.

Erica Ukleya


Intuitive Guide & Reiki Master

Erica is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master and professional Tarot reader, who loves helping people heal with self-love, shadow work, encouraging others to follow their dreams, step outside their comfort zone, and feeling more empowered being in their Goddess energy. She also loves working with quantum physics and the subconscious mind, bridging both spirituality and science with her spiritual wisdom.

Miroslava Casiano


High Priestess & Intuitive Artist

Miroslava, also known as The Metaphysical Chick was born in Mexico but currently works with the crystalline grids of the Earth in the United States. She is a Galactic Ambassador, High Priestess, Psychic, Healer, Intuitive Artist, Channel of High Vibrational Frequencies, and much more. She is a messenger of truths that cannot penetrate the human psyche due to conditioning and trauma.

To learn more about her work, visit her website.

become a member

This is A FREE COMMUNITY. However, in order to honor each other's time and to co-create abundance, our group activities are open to donations. For example, if you choose to lead a masterclass or healing circle, members can contribute donations to support you.

As a member, you are investing your time, energy, and gifts into creating a thriving network. The idea is to cultivate a balanced flow of giving and receiving. If you choose to join The Goddess Hive, you are committing to being present and active in the group, regularly participating in our activities.


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